Unifi Capture Portal Service to capture guest emails

Capture Email and more on the UniFi Guest Portal. Integrate seamlessly with the UniFi Network Application and launch the UniFi Captive Portal in minutes with no extra hardware required.

Capture guest email data with UniFi. It’s easy with CaptivCode Wifi solution.

No Extra

Integrate directly with your UniFi platform using the native API. No need for extra hardware or flashing of access points.

Quick and Easy Install

Activate your UniFi Guest Portal in minutes by connecting with your UniFi controller. No site visits required.

Grow with UniFi

Grow and scale your business with dedicated UniFi software. Get the most from your UniFi network.



Segment user data by SSID and Access Point. Multiple venues on single UniFi site.

Access Limits

Define guest WiFi access limits by time and bandwidth. Take control of your UniFi guest network

Easy Setup

Connect your UniFi network application quickly and easily. Launch UniFi guest portal service in minutes

Wifi Hotspot CRM

The UniFi guest portal integration is built to power our WiFi Hotspot CRM. Capturing customer data and providing visitor analytics.